Verse of the Day

Psalm 37:7

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.

Psalm 37:7

Wait Patiently

Worrying about others can cause unneeded stress and can wear on you. Instead, this verse tells us to wait patiently for God to act. Trust that He knows all and sees all. He will deal with the evil in the world. It is not our job to worry. Instead, we are to be a light in a dark world.

For instance, many churches split or even die out because they allow evil to seep into their congregations, and they spend more time worrying about it instead of seeking the Lord to heal their church. When God’s people come together and pray instead of worry, He will bless them. Come before Him whether you need to seek Him yourself or your church needs to seek Him. Give Him your worries and stresses and wait on Him to do the work.

A Prayer to Remember

Dear Lord,
I give all of my worries to you. I know you will be faithful to me and see me through difficult times. May I focus on you instead of anyone else! Amen.