Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Years of Marriage

We live in a culture that gives up easily. When something gets hard, it is easy to just throw in the towel and give up. We see this in Hollywood all the time. They are married for a short time, and then they divorce and start over with someone newer, younger, more fun, different than what they had. They are a dangerous example to follow, and we should never place our hope in them. Instead, we should look to godly couples who have invested time and effort into their marriage.

A godly example of a marriage will teach us how to persevere in times of trouble and will give us hope. They will show us how to love and respect each other. Get involved in a church family and seek out another couple to help mentor you and your spouse. This can only be done, when you are plugged into a church family. However, if you seek advice about your marriage from people who are not plugged into a church or have a relationship with God, then expect that you are not going to get godly advice. For example, there was a girl who needed advice about her marriage, so she went to her family to seek advice. Her family did not know the Lord and so the advice that they gave her was to leave her husband. Then, she sought out the advice of a godly friend, and her friend encouraged her to fight for her marriage.She and her husband sought marriage counseling and fought to save their marriage. Now, they are in the ministry working with other couples.
Your marriage can be a thriving, godly marriage that stands the test of time when you invest in your marriage by seeking out people who love the Lord to help you. Fight for your marriage and watch the Lord do his work.