Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Complementing in Marriage

God made man and woman for each other to complement each other. It would be quite boring if we were all the same with the same personalities! He made each person unique. He gave men the ability to lead his family and train up his children. He gave women the ability to care for and nurture her children and to be a partner for the man. When they work together in marriage, they can create the beautiful picture God intended for them.

In Colossians 3:18, Paul tells wives to submit to their husbands as is fitting for the Lord. The word submit can seem like a weak term to society, but it takes a lot of strength and selflessness to submit to someone else’s authority. The Lord wants all of us to submit to Him and His authority, so by submitting to the husband, the woman is showing her trust and faith in her spouse. In verse 19, Paul says for husbands to love their wives and to not be harsh with them. God knew that women had tender spirits and would need their husbands to be gentle with them. These qualities fit together to create a godly marriage, a partnership or team. The wife trusts and respects her husband as the leader of the family and the husband will love his wife and treat her with kindness.

Not everyone trusts in the Lord’s institution of marriage and even try to distort it, but the couple who follows this wisdom, will find God at the center of their marriage and will see how they can complement each other to create the best possible marriage.