Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Resolution or Revolution?

Every year millions of people decide they are going to make New Year’s Resolutions, but how many of them keep the resolutions they make? states that a resolution is a decision or determination. Many people are very determined when they set their goals and resolutions, but few carry them out. Why is that? Maybe it is because they start out strong but give in when it gets tough. They cave. Man is weak and not made to walk through life alone. We were created to rely on God for our strength. So what if we change our mindset and instead of setting resolutions, we decide to be a part of God’s revolution? describes a revolution as “a sudden, complete or marked change in something.” This is the ultimate goal for setting a resolution- to change something whether that is a bad habit or a lifestyle. There is something wrong that someone wants to make right. Change cannot be done on your own. It is next to impossible to change anything without the help of another. We were made to be dependent people. We need to depend on each other and more importantly, we need to depend on the God who made us. A revolution requires people to come together for the common purpose of change. Maybe what we need as Christians is more than a resolution that will be difficult to keep, but accountability and encouragement from other believers. We need to be a part of what God is doing in the hearts of His people instead of just focusing on our own flaws.

Resolutions are not bad, but coming together for the benefit of God’s kingdom and being a part of His revolution is so much better. There is a great reward for people who look to God for their change rather than relying on themselves.