Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: No Longer Fearful Slaves

When Christ went to the cross, He took on the power of sin and its hold on His people. He took on all of the sins of the world. They were on His shoulders. When He died and rose again, He defeated death. No other “god” had ever accomplished resurrection. He defeated death and sin. That means He defeated the hold sin had- its grip- on the people. When He crushed Satan, just as the Bible had foretold, He also crushed the chains and bondage sin had on the people of God. Just like that He won the victory. Romans 6:9 said that death no longer had a power over Christ.

Not only does sin have no power, but it can no longer be your master. In verse 14, it says that sin is no longer your master, and you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live in the freedom of Christ’s grace. When you make a mistake, sin has no hold on you. You can delight in the grace of God, knowing His forgiveness will pour over you. You can live in the hope of His salvation.

Romans 6:17 says that we are no longer slaves to sin! We can now serve God wholeheartedly. There is nothing weighing us down. He is a good Father who rescued His children, and we can live in His love, grace, and forgiveness!