Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: No Condemnation in Christ Jesus

There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus as Romans 8:1 tells us. No condemnation! We find condemnation in our world today everywhere we look. Sometimes it is found in our families and friends. Sometimes at work with our coworkers. Sometimes even in our churches. However, in Christ there is absolutely NO condemnation!

From the time sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, man was condemned to hell. Sin is always condemning. The moment we sin, we deserve hell and all of God’s wrath because sin is in direct disobedience with God’s Word. When the law was given to Moses, it condemned man’s sin. There was a need for someone or something to free man from sin. Enter Christ. God sent His only son to the world to live and breathe and walk with man. To develop a relationship with mankind. And then to die on a cross and condemn all sin, and resurrect three days later and free man from its chains.

So we can live in the freedom of the cross because we are not condemned. The world around us and anyone who doesn’t know Christ is condemned. We must bring them the good news so they can find freedom we have instead of the shackles of sin.