Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Marriage: Being a People of Noble Character

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10 tells us. It can be difficult to find people of noble character today. Everywhere you look, you see people of dishonorable character: ugly divorces, politicians name calling and tearing down others’ character, people committing crimes against others, debates turning into heated discussions. Turn on the news and you will see examples everyday. Unfortunately, we can see examples in our homes and churches as well. Disagreements turn to disunity, disunity and discord give way to division in the church. So how can we be a people of unity and noble character so our homes and churches are a light to the world?

Why would there be an entire chapter in Proverbs devoted to describing a wife of noble character? Perhaps unity begins in the home between the husband and wife. The wife can sew love and respect in her home just by the way she treats her husband and children. Her attitude can affect how others in the household act as well. While this verse is focusing on the wife only, we can still relate it to marriage, the home, churches, and godly people in general. When husbands and wives love and respect each other, they will become one accord in their marriage. If the church is made up of people who are unified in their marriages and people seeking the Lord, then there will be unity in the church. And if there’s unity in the church, then we can be a unified front and take our light into this dark world!

So seek to become a wife or husband of noble character. Pray and ask your Creator to give you peace and patience with your spouse, so that your marriage will radiate nobility and unity.