Verse of the Day

Proverbs 15:18

A hot-tempered person starts fights; a cool-tempered person stops them.

Proverbs 15:18

Peace in the Storm

Have you ever been in the heat of a fight? Perhaps it was a fight with a spouse, and neither one of you would give way. Perhaps it was a fight with a sibling or parent, and your emotions got the better of you. Perhaps it was a fight with your children, and you said something you regret. Whatever the situation was, in the heat of the moment hot tempers can ruin relationships and destroy friendships. There is nothing that is worth getting hot tempered. That is exactly what the enemy wants. If he can sew discord in your family or your relationships, then he can get a foothold into your life. It is important to be a cool tempered person who stops this from happening. How is this possible?

First, you cannot allow your emotions to be out of control. This starts in everyday life, not just in the heat of the moment. A little out of control goes a long way and can brew into something worse. Second, pray and seek God‘s wisdom before having a difficult conversation. He will help lead you through it, and even if it is not received well, a cool tempered person is able to maintain a relationship better than a hot tempered person. so pray and ask God for wisdom today to help get control of your emotions so that you can better serve Him.

A Prayer to Remember

Dear Lord,
Lord, help me in my relationships to remain cool tempered. May I sew unity and peace instead of discord. Help me not lose control. Amen.