Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Love Never Loses Faith

Hebrews 11:1 Describes faith as something that we cannot see but yet we still believe it is there. Love never loses faith. Even when it seems like it is impossible, love still believes. When everyone goes against you, Love still believes. When the world needs proof, love still believes. Through everything, love still believes.

What does this type of faith look like in everyday life? First of all, the only type of faith that lasts is godly faith. As people, we tend to put our faith in worldly faith things. We put all of our faith in people, hoping they will not fail us. We put our faith in material things, the next best device or clothing that will make us look a certain way. We put our faith in cars, hoping they will operate how they need to. We even put our faith in material things that remind us of someone. We see many examples of this in the Old Testament. For example, when Moses went on the mountain to talk with God, the Israelites ran to Aaron and asked him to create little gods that they could worship. When we look to the world for our hope, it can be easy to lose faith quickly.

There is nothing in this life that will last that is temporary. Only the eternal will last forever. We must put our hope, trust, and faith in the Lord, knowing that He will always carry us through. When we begin to lose sight, we must fix our eyes on Him once again. Praise God that the Israelites lack of faith in the wilderness was not the end of their story. God continued to love them and sent His Son Jesus to die for them. Not only them, but for every person who chooses to believe in Him!