Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Love Never Gives Up

Love does not give up. Through life’s toughest battles, it does not give up. The world tells you that if it is too hard, throw in the towel and try with someone else. We see famous relationships end after a short time together. Many Hollywood stars have been married multiple times. 1 Corinthians 13 says the opposite; do not give up. Trust that God can carry you through. There is nothing He can’t repair and rebuild if we allow Him to.

This doesn’t mean stay in a relationship that is riddled with sin, but it means that with God there is always hope. I knew a woman who once felt called to stay in her marriage even though her husband was addicted to pornography. He was ashamed and wanted out of his addiction, but he had allowed it to control his life. She knew that God had called her to be like Hosea and stay married and faithful, even though her husband was not. She had pledged her life to him and her children. She prayed on her knees for many years and began to watch God work and do miraculous things in her marriage. He freed her husband from the bondage of addiction and drew them close. Only He could bring that kind of healing and restoration.

This is not the testimony of every story and marriage, but no matter what, we can always rely on God. We do not have to give up on Him. Allow Him to work in your life and marriage, knowing that nothing is ever beyond His control.