Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Freed from the Power of Sin

Jesus freed us from the power of sin when He went to the cross. The chains were broken and we no longer had to live in our sin. So why do we put those shackles back on and continue to live in sin if we have been freed from it?

Sin is powerful. It can cause addictions and lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering. Man cannot defeat sin on his own which is why a Savior was needed to break its power. We can only overcome sin and its consequences with the help of Jesus Christ. Not only did He defeat sin, but He also continuously gives us the strength to live in the freedom of the cross. Still, we choose sin over the cross and freedom time and time again. The world and its pleasures can be so enticing. Even though we know God’s love is better, we still sometimes choose sin. We do this because of our sin nature. We were born into sin and sometimes still give in to the flesh and its desires.

So the only way to defeat sin and its powers is to look to Christ. He is the only one who defeated sin- He already won the victory. Remember when Jesus called Peter out of the boat to walk on the water? While his eyes were fixed on Christ, he was able to walk on the water, but when he looked down at the raging sea, he immediately fell. So if we live in light of the cross every single day, we will find that freedom again and again and we will be able to walk toward Jesus. It has to be a daily choice.