Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: The Fruit of the Spirit is Faithfulness

Faithfulness is a fruit of the spirit that requires action. It is not enough to make promises and say that you are going to do something or be something; you have to prove that you mean what you say when you live according to those promises and are faithful to others. Faithfulness is something that can be hard for us to do on our own because the devil desperately wants us to be unfaithful so we discredit who God is. God is the one who teaches us how to be faithful. So why is it so important to be faithful to God and others?

When we are faithful to God, we show Him that he means everything to us. We make Him a priority when we are faithful to Him. When we are faithful to others, we show them that we care about them, and we also show the world who God is. For some people, the only time they see the attributes of God is when they look at a Christian’s life. If they see someone who is unfaithful and breaks promises, then they think that is what the Christian life is about and who God is. Faithfulness to God and others shows how we really feel about God. It proves our words to either be true or it disproves everything we say.

God can teach us how to be faithful if we will let Him. It is not in His nature to be unfaithful. He does not break promises, He does what He says He’s going to do, and He proves His words to be true over and over again. All we have to do is open the Bible and we will see many examples of His faithfulness to man since the beginning of time. If we let His words train us and reign in our hearts, then we will also prove what He said to be true in the Bible.