Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Memories and Moving On

God never promised us that we would go throughout our Christian lives without heartache and grief. In fact, it is just the opposite; because we live in a fallen world, we will definitely experience sorrow and tragedies. It is what we do with those moments that defines who we are and who God is to us. If we allow the tragedies in our lives to overtake us, then we will never move forward and open ourselves up to what God is doing in our lives. We must take our sorrow and grief and give it to Him so He will make something beautiful of it.

We all have moments of grief and sadness. Even Jesus grieved over His dear friend Lazarus and his death. John 11:35 says that Jesus wept. We can allow Jesus to comfort us because He understands the emotions that we are going through. It is okay to grieve for a while. You don’t have to immediately move on. People leave impressions on our lives and in our hearts, and their memories live on in us forever. We can allow those memories to comfort us; that is why God gave us a mind that remembers! He wanted us to remember our loved ones and the impact they made on this world. God will eventually turn our mourning into dancing. That doesn’t mean that we will forget and move on, but that we will celebrate who they were and carry them with us throughout the rest of this life.

God mourns with you. He is grieved when He sees His children grieved. Give in to the emotions He’s given you and allow Him to wrap you up in His arms. He will be your peace and comfort!