Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Discipleship and Mentoring

Who do you attribute your journey towards salvation? For some, it was a Sunday school teacher who invested in children’s spiritual lives Sunday after Sunday. For others, it was a family member, maybe a parent or grandparent who took them to church every week. Discipleship is a very important part of the Christian faith. God wants us to invest in others so they will grow in their walk with Him. We need to find others we can grow with as well as invest in others. How can you make discipleship or mentoring a part of your Christian walk?

First, find a church that is growing disciples. Churches that are growing disciples will have Bible studies and other activities that focus on growing in the Lord together. While fellowship is important, that cannot be the only focus in a church. Next, if you don’t have a mentor or someone who can keep you accountable, spend some time in prayer asking God to provide an opportunity for you to be mentored. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new Christian or have known the Lord for years, we could all use someone to help us keep growing and keep us accountable so we stay on the right track. Last, look for someone you can pour into. Find a new believer or someone who needs to be discipled. A tree cannot grow if it is not watered, and God uses His believers to help grow other believers!

You will find that when you make discipleship an active part of your Christian walk, you will grow in the Lord. Studying the Word with other believers and helping someone grow will be so rewarding. It will be impossible to stay where you are!