Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Clinging to the Future

One area that can be difficult for the Christian is allowing God to be in charge of their future. They would rather try and control the outcome of some situations than trusting that God knows what is best for their lives. In a world that tells you that you control your destiny, put your hope in the God who sees the future and acts on your behalf.

Abraham is one example of someone who wavered in his trust of the Lord. He knew that God had promised him he would be the father of nations, but his wife was barren. He could not see any physical way for this to happen, so he and his wife Sarah decided to take matters into their own hands and he slept with one of the maidservants. She became pregnant and bore Abraham a child. Sarah treated her poorly, so she ran away. However, God saw her and told her that he would take care of her and he did. He saw her future and she trusted him. God knew Abraham and Sarah’s futures as well. Soon after, Sarah bore a child as well and Abraham became a father again, but this time to the promised child. This would be how he would become the father of nations, not the way he tried. Abraham may not have shown faith then, but he trusted in the Lord after when God asked him to sacrifice his child. God spared the child because of the faith of Abraham.

God is trustworthy; he knows our futures and will work for our good if we allow Him to be in charge. Trust Him with your future today.