Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Who you walk with matters

Your friends make a difference in your life. So honestly ask yourself, who’s opinion do you value? Do you care the most about what your friends think of you than anyone else? If your answer is yes, then you will do whatever it takes to keep those friends happy.

Many times this will mean that you end up compromising your beliefs in order to please your friends. In the long run, this is very unhealthy.

Instead, take a closer look at your priorities. When you make choices to value friends and their opinions over God’s, it will always bring you unhappiness in the end.

Choose to look to God. Make His voice the most important one in your life. That way you can walk in peace each day because you’re not compromising what you believe or who you are.

Yes, there might be some friends who walk away from you because of a decision like this. In the long run though, even though others may not get it, they will respect you for your beliefs.