Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Waiting with Hope

What is it that you are hoping? Do you hope that your children will grow, have successful jobs, settle down and raise a family? Do you hope that your spouse will love you all of your days? Do you hope that you will advance in your job ? Do you hope you will get a raise?

Many of our hopes and dreams tend to focus on ourselves and our families. They focus on a temporary time and worldly things. As Christians, we have a greater hope. Psalms 130 is a cry to the God of hope. The writer says in verse 5 that he is counting on the Lord. He puts his hope in God’s Word and longs for the Lord. The writer goes on to say in verse 7 that he is urging the people of Israel to hope in the Lord. It says that with the Lord there is unfailing love. His redemption overflows.

The hope we find in the Lord is redemption. He rescues us from our former lives, our selfishness, and things that are not good for us. With God there is always hope: the hope of the future, the hope of what God is already doing, and the hope of a changed life. There is the hope of restored relationships. There is the hope of unfailing love. All of these are eternal hopes and not temporary hopes like we tend to have when we only think of ourselves. His hope never fails. So hope in the things of God today and find a future with Him.