Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Those Who Belong to Jesus

Something wonderful happens when a person comes to know Christ and His saving grace. All at once, his life is not his own anymore and Jesus is Lord of His life. The Savior transforms the person’s life as he begins to trust in Christ more and more. This new believer is at a critical stage. With accountability, encouragement, and discipleship, he will grow in his relationship with the Lord. WIthout others investing in the new believer; however, he is in danger of falling away from his newfound faith and becoming entangled in the world once again.

Romans 8:10 tells us, “Christ lives within you, so even though your body will die because of sin, the Spirit gives you life because you have been made right with God.” As believers, we get our life from Christ. This gives us great hope that even when the body dies, we will continue to live because we have His Spirit living inside of us. He gives us life through His resurrected body. Just as His body was resurrected, so was our lives when we chose Him and His salvation, and will be resurrected once again when the body dies. We have a great hope in Him!

Since we know this truth, we must spur one another on and encourage each other. We must live our lives as though we are transformed. We must disciple other believers (especially new believers) to live an abundant life in the Spirit instead of giving in to the ways of the world. We belong to Him and Him alone, so we must act like it!