Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: This Easter

This Easter season, in the middle of a pandemic, spend some time really pondering the things of God. Thank Him for sending His Son to die on a cross. Thank Him for His plan of salvation from the beginning of time. Thank Him for rescuing you from the darkness and your sins. Thank Him for sending the Holy Spirit to live and move inside of you.

Easter is a time for reflection. As a church, we come together and celebrate His death and resurrection. We begin on Palm Sunday by praising His name and saying, Hosanna to the king of kings!” Then, as we enter Easter week we soberly think about the Last Supper and the prayer Jesus prayed over His disciples. We think about how He went to the garden to pray alone for the heaviness of what He would endure. We think about how Judas betrayed Him and yet He went willingly to the cross.

And finally, we praise Him for suffering and dying on the cross. For going to the grace and then raising to new life to break the curse sin had on us.