Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: The Sermon on the Mount

Matthew five through seven contains the most famous sermon Jesus Christ gave while on earth: The Sermon on the Mount. It began on a mountainside. Jesus had gone up there to teach his disciples about how to live. As he was teaching, more and more people gathered until it was a large crowd. His message was not just for the disciples, but for all people. God had come to Earth and was instructing them how to live. He was explaining how to live a righteous and holy life.

Jesus knew that his followers would need guidance once he was gone. Imagine how the disciples felt once Jesus was really gone. I am sure that his words rang in their heads and hearts. They probably held their words with great regard. We know that many of them suffered a martyr’s death. They took his teachings, placed them deep in their hearts, and taught everyone they came in contact with. They were impacted in a way that changed them from the inside out.

The Sermon on the Mount is still relevant for us today. We can internalize the words of Jesus, live by them, and teach them to others as well.