Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: The Joy You Have

Paul had a love for each of the churches and people he ministered to. He had a desire to see them be everything God had created them to be. In Philippians 1:4, he tells the church of Philippi that they are “always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayers with joy.” They brought him joy. His prayers were prayers of joy because of what the church was doing. Their actions brought him joy.

This is what happens when you pray. You get to see lives changed. When you invest in lives, you get to see how God transforms them. I have been a part of many Bible studies throughout my life and each one has had a major impact on my spiritual life. I have developed sweet friendships and have watched them grow in the Lord. I have seen some go on to be with the Lord and knew that they entered heaven because of their salvation and choice to love the Lord. It is an honor knowing these people.

Do you feel that type of joy for anyone? If you don’t, then pray about some ways you can get involved in your church and get to know His followers so that you can experience the type of joy Paul had for believers in Christ.