Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: The Great Message We Bear

The message of who God is, who Jesus is, and salvation is a great gift from God to man. The plan that God had devised from the beginning of time was revealed to man through Jesus Christ. Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth was to share that great gift with man. He taught about salvation, He prayed about salvation, and lived His life in such a way that drew others to Him. Salvation was at the heart of the gospel and the purpose of His life. In John 17:7, Jesus says, “Now they know that everything I have is a gift from you.” Not only was salvation the great gift of God, but everything He had while on this earth was a gift. Jesus understood this.

Look at your life. Look at the things you have been given, the people in your life, and the blessings. Every single thing is a gift of God. The people that are in our lives are there for a reason. The things that we have been given- our shelter, our food, even the very breath we breathe is a gift from Him. If we have learned anything in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, may it be that life is precious. It is a gift from God; it is given to us from Him alone. Most of all, our salvation comes from Him. He gave us Jesus Christ, to live and die for us. He gave us the gift of His Holy Spirit who intercedes on our behalf.

Take time each day to thank God for all He has done for you, the blessings in your life, the people in your life, and most of all for your salvation. If you are a believer, He rescued you from the pits of hell to live with Him in eternity! That is a great gift!