Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: The Good News of the Gospel

Peter tells the people the best part of the gospel story: the resurrection! In Acts 2:24 He said, “But God released him from the horrors of death and raised him back to life, for death could not keep him in its grip.” Since the beginning of time death has had its grip on people. Read through the Old Testament and you will find where it says they were born and they died. Everyone has a beginning and an end.

This was not the case for Jesus. He had a beginning because he was human, and he experienced death as a human with all of the pain and suffering that we experience. But then, God did something he had not done with anyone else. He released him horrific death and raised him from the dead because death could not keep a hold on him any longer. He was God! The grace could not keep Him!

The resurrection is the good news of the gospel. It is what makes the Christian God, the only true God, different from other gods. He is alive!