Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Raised to New Life

When this world is over and it is time for Jesus to return, we will know that the promise the Apostle Paul makes in 2 Corinthians 4:14 will come to fruition: “We know that God, who raised the Lord Jesus, will also raise us with Jesus and present us to himself together with you.”

This is the promise that we can cling to as Christians. We know that just as God raised Jesus from the dead, He can raise us as well when Jesus returns. We will be caught up with Him and taken to heaven to live with Him for all eternity. This was His plan from the beginning of time. His plan was never for man to continue to live in sin, but to be rescued and given new life and the promise of eternity.

Do you believe Him and what He says about eternity? Do you believe that He is the God He says He is? Do you truly believe that He raised Jesus from the dead? There are many religions that do not believe this key event. It is what separates Christianity from the rest of religions. If you believe this simple truth, then you can also hold on to the truth that He will raise you to live too in eternity with Him.