Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Partnership in the Gospel

Paul tells the church of Philippi in Philippians 1:5 of his joy for them “because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” When we partner in the gospel we will experience the joys and everything that God has in store for us. Have you ever prayed for someone with such passion to see their life changed and then watched the amazing things God did? Your prayers change from urgency to joy. We only get to experience this when we are plugged in with others.

As part of the family of God, we are all plugged into the main source and can do great things when plugged into that source. We can do even greater things when we come together as Christians in unity for the cause of Christ. It is very similar to salt. One speck of salt cannot season food. All the pieces together are what seasons the food. As churches and the body of Christ we must work together to see lives changed.

When problems arise within the church and divisions occur, more than likely there were people who were not plugged into the gospel and to Christ. As churches, we must fall before the face of God and ask Him to lead us and guide us. If we are not following Him, then who or what are we following?

Spend some time in thought and prayer for how you can get involved in your church and start participating in the work Christ is doing in your community. Get plugged in to the One who changes everything.