Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Made Known

God has made Himself known to His people. He has been revealing who He is since the beginning of time. He created Adam and Eve and first revealed himself to them as they walked together throughout the garden. He then made himself known to Noah by flooding the entire earth to rid sin of the world and saving Noah and his family because of their righteousness. He revealed his plans to Abraham by telling him that his nation would number the stars. He continued to reveal himself to his people throughout the years through prophets and leaders. Then came the ultimate reveal: Jesus. God sent his precious Son to the earth to save mankind from the destruction they had caused. Rather than a worldwide flood, Jesus would bring restoration to the people.

God continues to reveal himself today through his people. There are countless ministries and programs created for the purpose of bringing the gospel to the unsaved. God reveals himself to his people through the many miracles he continues to perform today. Paul tells us in Romans 1:19, “…Since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. God’s plan was made known to his people from the beginning of time. He continued to reveal that plan through the prophets he sent to warn the people and encourage them to turn from their wicked ways.

The same message still applies today. God is still revealing himself to his people and the many people who do not yet know him. How will you be a part of the work he is doing? How will you make him known to a dying world?