Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Love is not Rude

Love is not rude; however. Many marriages end because of the lack of respect that people have for each other. We see the same lack of respect in the workplace, politics, sports, and other places, so why would we expect marriages and relationships to be any different. For any relationship to work, there has to be a sense of respect (the opposite of being rude). It all depends on where we look to for our examples. If we look to society, the entertainment industry, politicians, then we will never see a picture of humility and respect. We must instead look to the Bible for examples of how to live with love and respect.

Look at the life of Mary and Joseph. Mary was a young virgin who was pregnant all of a sudden. I am sure the world probably looked at her with disgust as they only saw a young pregnant girl. Joseph saw more, especially after he was visited by an angel of the Lord. He treated Mary with love and respect, putting her needs above his own. Think about your own relationship for a minute, whether that be marriage, a friendship, or even a relationship you have with a family member. Does your love always show humility, or is it rude in the way you talk and act toward others?

Strive to live your life in such a way that loves and respects the lives of others. Show your neighbor or anyone you encounter respect. Show your family and friends your love and respect. Most of all, show your spouse how much love you have for him or her by respecting who they are. We can show the love of Christ with our words and actions when we eliminate rude talk out of our lives.