Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Love is not jealous or boastful

Have you ever seen someone live with a jealous heart? Maybe you have felt jealousy creep up inside you. Jealousy is not a feeling from the Lord; however, God created us as beings with feelings. We were made to love and feel deeply. So how do you love without feeling jealous.

Living a life of love without jealousy can be difficult. As a society, we are constantly comparing ourselves to those around us. We need a bigger house like others, the newest car, a life of luxury to keep up with our peers. God never intended for us to compare ourselves with those around us, but instead compare ourselves to ourselves. What does this mean? We should never want to live a stagnant life where we are satisfied, but instead, we should push ourselves to be more, to do more than we’ve ever done. Push yourself to grow in your walk with God. Compare yourself to where you were at when you first came to know Him. Have you grown? If not, then decide what you need to do to grow closer to Him. Next, instead of seeing people for the things they have or don’t have, see them for who they are: made in the image of God. This will change your perspective and help you pray for them in a new way. If they don’t know God, then you need to pray for their heart instead of desiring the things they have.

You can’t take things with you to the grave. The only thing that matters in this life is what you invest in. If you live your life always wanting what others have, you will live an empty life. However, if you love others and live your life investing in heavenly things, you will live a fulfilled life.