Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Love is Kind

Love is kind. Anyone who does not love with kindness, is not really loving. We see many examples in our world today of the opposite of kindness: hatred, discord, maliciousness. In fact, the mainstream media LOVES to report about those things. Every once in a while the sprinkle in kindness story.

You may have heard the phrase, kindness makes the world go round. There is some truth to this phrase. Kind acts inspire and motivate people. Kindness really can be contagious. However, kindness is a product of love, God’s love. You can’t have kindness without it. It is the direct result of living as God’s love: loving your family, your friends, your neighbor, and even your enemies. Kindness is the proof that God is real. When nonbelievers look at your life, your kind acts should point them to Jesus.

Is your life and kindness pointing others to Jesus? Or is it a contradiction to the hope that lives inside of you? Love is kind and kindness is love. We show kindness because of the kindness God gave us when He sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross. Let your life radiate with the kindness God has bestowed in your life.