Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Love Endures Through Everything

Life throws some tough trials and tribulations every single day. Cancer diagnosis, loss of a loved one, strained relationships, and other difficult situations can make life unbearable. The only thing that makes those times survivable is love, more specifically, God’s love. It always endures. One definition that provides for the word endure is “to continue to exist, last.”

Have you ever lost someone you loved or seen how someone reacted after they lost someone. It is as if they do continue to exist for a while. Holidays come and go; seasons come and go. Yet they continue going on, enduring. God gave us the ability to endure through hard times. It is only in His love that we can even endure. He makes it possible. His love gives us hope and gives us peace. We know that He is in control and will get us through anything. He will walk beside us and carry us. Psalm 119:114 says, “You are my refuge and my shield; your word is my source of hope.” He is our refuge. We can hope in Him. He is a good God who never leaves us.

Do you feel like you are just existing? Just enduring through the next thing? Know that love is enough to carry you through. God’s love will give you the peace that you need to be able to endure and last.