Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Live in Harmony

“Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!” As Romans 12:16 says. The word harmony is a music term that is used to complement the melody. You can have one part in harmony or many parts that are harmonious together. When each section is focused on their own part they can sound beautiful together. But if one starts to try and control the other, they won’t be able to work together in unison. Just as if Christians are too proud to enjoy the company of others, they will not be able to work together.

So how can we live in harmony together? Reach out to others for wisdom and knowledge whether that be leaders in the church or teachers of the Word. Meet in groups together to learn more about the Word, how to implement it in your home, your job, and in the church. Believers can also work together when they serve the community. FInd ways to bring the gospel to the neighborhoods. This is exactly what the Acts 2 church did. They were so passionate about the gospel, that they met together everyday, gave up all things, and were hospitable and cared about the people around them. They saw thousands being added to their number daily!

The church today can still be like the Acts 2 church if they are passionate about the Lord and serving Him. They will be a sweet sound to the ears like harmonious music if their focus is the Lord.