Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Jesus Prays for Us

In John 17:9, Jesus prayed for his beloved, the church. He does not pray for the world here, not that he doesn’t love the world and want them to come to know him, but this part of the prayer is specifically for the church. He knew what the church would endure after he was gone. He knew how important it would be for the church to come together in unity so they could better serve his name. His beloved disciples would mourn his death, and that would not be easy. He knew that after his death and resurrection, his disciples would endure hardship, and persecution. They would need the strength of the Lord to be able to endure.

So at the Last Supper, before he is led to his death, he poured his heart out to his Father on behalf of his children. On behalf of his bride. He loved her deeply and wanted one and nothing more than for the church to glorify God in his death. There is always good that can come from trauma, if we look for it and allow God to do his work. The good that would come from the death of Jesus would be his followers, their beliefs, and the way they glorified God in their lives.

We are the bride of Christ. We should live as though we belong to him. We should live as though nothing is more important in this world than the one we love. If we are the body of Christ, then it is our job to come together and serve the one who gave up his life for us.