Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Inner Strength

Ephesians 3:16 says, “I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.” Do we as Christians have an inner strength living inside of us? This is something that you may have pondered. Many people think that we all have an inner strength. The truth is that our own strength can sometimes give us anxiety. Will we be strong enough? Will our strength carry others? Will we be able to battle everything the enemy throws at us with our own strength? We were never made to carry our own burdens. When given the weight of the world, there is no way we would ever be able to carry it all.

God does not expect us to rely on ourselves. So when the world talks about an inner strength, it is discussing something that it knows nothing about. The only inner strength you can have as a believer, is the Holy Spirit inside of you. So it is not your strength, but God’s alone that helps you get through the hard times. If we only relied on our own strength, then wouldn’t we feel let down when we couldn’t do something on our own? This is why we have to lean on God the Father with His strength. We can overcome the world with his strength. We can live a godly life, not by our own strings, but by His alone. As Christians we must focus on His strength and not ours. We have to learn to turn our eyes upon Jesus in our darkest hours. When we do, we will discover just how strong He really is. He was meant to carry our burdens, not us.

Spend some time in prayer today, asking God to take your burdens from you. Ask him to carry them on his shoulders, so they won’t overwhelm you anymore. Trust that he will lift those burdens from you.