Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: His Hour had Come

The hour had come for Jesus. The one who had entered the world as a sweet baby boy in the arms of his young mother and his endearing father. The one who grew up as a boy, ran and scraped his knees, and played with his friends. The one who taught the word everywhere he went, brought glory to his father when he spoke, and sought people out to be his followers and disciples. The one who cared for each one of his disciples as if they were his family. He walked with them, he taught them everything he knew, and he invested in each one of them. He even invested in Judas, knowing that he would betray him.

His time had come. His 33 short years on this earth. But in death, a new life would begin. God was about to do the greatest thing known to man. Jesus knew that everything He taught, all prophecies, were leading to this moment. He wanted nothing more than to worship God the Father. It would not be about him, but instead it would be about God the king. Jesus’ entire life pointed to God’s salvation. While his disciples did not understand some of the words he said, they would soon understand after he was gone. His salvation would become a reality; the resurrection would bring the new life they sought.

We are living on the other side of this reality. We have seen the whole picture. We do know what Christ did. Do you know His salvation and the life He died to give? Search your heart today and find the One who gave His life for you.