Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: God Bless the Pure

“God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God,” Matthew 5:8 states. The purity of heart will inherit the kingdom of God. According to biblestudytool dictionary the word purity means: “Purity is related to guiltless, blameless, or innocent behavior. In Exodus 23:7, an innocent person is portrayed as someone who is righteous as measured by the demands of the law.” The law was meant to show someone how to live a pure life. It also exposed the struggling man who continuously had to live a pure life. Purity shows the need for man to have a Savior. Only by the salvation of Christ could one strive to live a pure life. Christ was completely pure with the same struggles man encountered on a daily basis. Yet, he remained pure.

It is possible for a man to live a pure life when connected to the Savior Jesus Christ. That is the purpose of the Holy Spirit, to lead the sinner into a pure, right relationship with God, to teach him how to live and lead him in the way he should go. When you are living according to his word and the Holy Spirit, you will have a pure heart and mind. It is because of that purity that you are promised eternity. You are blessed because the purity of Christ has impacted you to also live a pure life. That does not mean we will not struggle sometimes, but with Christ in your life, you will know what is pure.