Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Fruit of the Spirit: Living as an Offering

Once you understand all of the fruit of the Spirit, you will be able to recognize them in your daily life and how you can better use them to serve the Lord. When you offer yourself as an offering and submit your life to Him, you will see many people affected by your submission, whether that is your spouse, children, family, friends, or coworkers. Romans 11:16 tells us, “And since Abraham and the other patriarchs were holy, their descendants will also be holy—just as the entire batch of dough is holy because the portion given as an offering is holy. For if the roots of the tree are holy, the branches will be, too.”

Take peace for example. When you live in peace with others and strive to keep dissention and conflict out of your life, you will see the people around you striving to do the same. Kindness is another good example of living out the fruit of the spirit. If you make kindness to others a part of your daily life by the way that you live and breathe, the words that you say and the actions that you show, your children will remember your kindness and try to live the way that you have shown them. Abraham’s sons followed in his footsteps and lived connected to God because of the faith that Abraham portrayed. The seed is the gospel that grows into a strong tree, and the fruit of the spirit are the branches of the tree that is rooted in Christ.

Romans 12:1 commands Christians to offer themselves as living sacrifices. To be a “living: sacrifice,” as verse one states, you must daily seek the Lord and strive to show the fruit of the Spirit everywhere you go. Stay connected to Christ so that your branches will remain strong.