Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Experience the Acts 2 Church

The people of Acts 2 experienced many miraculous things because they chose to follow Christ. First, they experienced the coming of the Holy Spirit. On the day of Pentecost they saw people from every language come together and understand each other because of the power of the Holy Spirit. Then, they experienced Peter’s powerful sermon that he delivered to the crowd. The people believed what Peter said, and 3,000 were saved that day. From there, the people form a community of believers and begin meeting everyday. They devoted themselves to the teaching of the word and were hospitable to all people. They gave up their belongings and shared everything they had. They saw people being added to their numbers daily.

This is what the body of believers should look like today. Can you just imagine? The church could have all things in common and see many added to their numbers everyday if they followed the lead of the Acts 2 church. As a body of believers, we need to strive to live in this way. We need to take care of those who need help. We need to teach the gospel and be hungry to learn more about the Lord. We could see change in our churches and communities if we lived like this.