Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Conquer Evil with Good

Romans 12:21 gives us good advice when it comes to this Christian life: “Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.” There is so much evil in this world: people who only live for themselves, continuously live in sin, and people who take advantage of others. How can we be a light in a dark world?

This verse says to conquer evil by doing good. In other words, don’t be overwhelmed with evil, but instead conquer evil by doing good. For example, look at the life of Stephen in Acts 6. He was persecuted and ridiculed, yet He continued to conquer that evil by doing good and living for the Lord. When they threw stones at him, he allowed them. When the people yelled, “Crucify Him” at Christ before He went to the cross, He went willingly and even carried His cross. He conquered the evil in the word by taking up His cross. Jesus asks us to do the same so we can follow HIm.

Honor God by choosing to do good instead of allowing evil to win and conquer. Goodness and love will always win out.