Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: Believing in God

To know Christ is to believe that He is the one true way to God. To know Him is to believe that God sent Him to earth. He was God on earth. He was not the king that many expected. They looked for an earthly king to rule over them and bring justice to the nations. Many are still searching for that earthly king. Jesus was a king with a great message from His heavenly Father. To believe is to know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is king and God.

Yet there are so many on this earth that still do not believe. Why? Maybe they need more evidence. They refuse to see the evidence that was given to man through the Bible. The one book that has stood the test of time. Or the evidence that exists in God’s creation through the painted pictures He gives us everyday in the sunrise and sunset, the clouds, the plants, trees, waters, or even the wind that cannot be seen, but felt with its chilling breezes. Maybe it is out of emotion and opinions that they won’t believe. They rely on their own strength and intellect of man instead of the wisdom of God. Maybe they have a hardened heart that will not allow anyone to come in.

As Christians, we must show the world why we believe what we believe. Our lives must be living testimonies. They must show the work that God has done in us. They must be the evidence that the world needs to believe.