Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth: A God Who Understands

Ephesians 4:8-9 says, “That is why the Scriptures say, “When he ascended to the heights, he led a crowd of captives and gave gifts to his people.” Notice that it says “he ascended.” This clearly means that Christ also descended to our lowly world.” This verse talks about the ascension and dissension of Christ.

Ascension means that Christ was God. He sat at God’s right hand, before the world began. John 1:1 says that in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. That word is Jesus Christ Himself. He was the word that was with God and the beginning of time. This tells us that Jesus is the Son of God. He also was human. He came to earth, and human form, to be able to live and walk like we do. He understood what we went through because He was here. So when this verse says dissension, it is referring to Jesus descending to Earth and walking on the earth, alongside man. Jesus is God and man. He understands the struggles that we face, but yet He also knows the answers, because He is God, He is trustworthy and wants us to approach Him with our problems. Who better to talk to than someone who has already been there and knows how to walk through it?

Spend some time today in prayer, thanking God for sending Jesus His Son, and asking him to walk alongside you every day.