Today’s Truth

The Fruit of the Spirit is Peace

There are many songs, books, and articles written about peace or finding peace. Some are based on circumstances, like “It Is Well,” when the author lost it his whole family, yet still knew peace because he knew God. Others are more recent praise songs like “Oceans” that talks about having peace in the midst of the storm. Then, there are secular songs that sing about finding world peace, peace instead of war, or finding inner peace in the midst of turmoil. Which kind of peace is the peace in Galatians five, the fruit of the spirit peace?

The peace that Galatians refers to is the peace that only God can give. This is a peace that is produced in us when we surrender our lives to Him and allow Him to lead us. This peace focuses on others rather than ourselves. It is not something we have to find, but something that finds us because of the Holy Spirit alive in us. This is the peace that passes all understanding as Philippians 4:7 states. This peace calms the raging storms in our lives and is evident to those around us when we are in the middle of devastating circumstances. It is infectious, causing others to want what we have. It brings people to Jesus. See the difference between the peace God gives and the peace the world is trying to offer? They can only offer a counterfeit version of the real thing. The world is desperately trying to find the peace that God gives.

Since God has produced peace in our lives, we can be the peace the world needs. When they look for peace, they should be able to see it in the lives of the believers around them. Search in your heart and see if you are allowing that peace to shine and bring others to the throne of God.