Verse of the Day

John 14:15

If you love me, obey my commandments.

John 14:15

A Deeper Love

We show our love for the Lord by obeying His commandments. When we do what He wants us to do, we show how much we love Him. Think about a husband and wife. One of the greatest ways they can show each other how much they love each other is the way they act toward one another. If they are always complaining about one another, then it will be difficult to really love each other deeply. However, when husband and wife go out of their way to show each other how much they love each other, their love will grow deeper and deeper. This is the same as our relationship with God. When we obey His commandments, our love for Him will grow and grow.

Take some time to pray and ask God to give you a love for His commandments. Pray and ask Him to give you a love for who He is.

A Prayer to Remember

Dear Lord,
I want to do right by you, Oh Lord. I want to desire your commandments and will. Amen.