Verse of the Day

Isaiah 44:22

I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud
     and your sins like mist;
 return to me, for I have redeemed you. Isaiah 44:22

Forgive Like Christ

These words of Isaiah 44:22 are a beautiful picture of what God has done in our salvation. He erased our transgressions or sins like a cloud. Just as a writer erases the mistakes, God has done the same for us. He blotted out our sins like a mist. It is as if our sins never existed.

When we forgive others for the wrongs that they have done in our lives, do we block them out in this way? Are they as a cloud or a mist that is gone as quickly as they came? Or do we constantly remember and remind them of the wrong that has been done. That is not true forgiveness. True forgiveness can only be found in God. If we forgive others like he has forgiven us, we will forgive in this way. Praise him that he does not hold our sins over our heads. Praise him that he remembers them no more! May we treat others in this way!

A Prayer to Remember

Dear Lord,
Thank you for truly forgiving my sins and blotting them out. May I forgive others in the same way you have forgiven me. Amen.