Verse of the Day

Hebrews 11:19

Abraham reasoned that if Isaac died, God was able to bring him back to life again. And in a sense, Abraham did receive his son back from the dead.

Hebrews 11:19

Life Again

When we first read the account of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis, we see Abraham’s faith but we do not get a picture of what was going through his head as God asked him to sacrifice the son of the promise. It is not until this verse that we see how deep his faith was. He knew that if God asked him to sacrifice his beloved son, He could bring him back to life again. He knew God was the living God who gives and takes away.

This is a picture of the sacrifice God made when He gave His only Son to be led like a lamb to the slaughter. He sacrificed Jesus knowing that He would bring Him back to life again, and that is exactly what He did. He brought Him back to life. He is the living God of salvation!

A Prayer to Remember

Dear Lord,
Thank you for sacrificing your only Son Jesus for my sins. You loved me so much that you demonstrated that love on the cross. Amen.