Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Trusting Others in a Fallen World

Trusting the people God puts in our lives can be a difficult task. Even Christians wrong us and don’t always treat us right. The world does not trust others, so it is hard to place our trust in others when the world puts the message out there that we need to “keep our friends close and our enemies closer.” While it is okay to be guarded, the walls we put up should never close others off. We need people in our lives to encourage us and spur us on. We need the fellowship of other believers so we can praise God together. Matthew 18:20 tells us that where two or more are gathered, there He is also. When we gather together, He is in our midst! So we must not stop meeting together.

People are going to fail you. We see that throughout the Bible. Jacob loved his brother Esau, but he knew that Esau was a godless person and would deceive him if he had the chance. Jacob had deceived him a few times, so they were both guarded with each other but loved each other. People will fail, but we can continue to love them and care about them. The closest people in our lives should be the ones who better our relationships with God. These people help keep us accountable and love us even when we fail. We should always have relationships with the lost, but our closest people should lift us up and not tear us down or influence us negatively.

Pray and ask God to put people in your life you can trust and who will build up your relationship with them, people who are pursuing the Lord and His Word. The world needs Jesus, and we can only witness when we stand together.