Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: The Fruit of the Spirit is Patience

What comes to mind when you think of the word patient? Do you think of someone sitting and waiting patiently for their turn? Do you think of a child waiting to get something they want? You probably don’t think about a man waiting fourteen years to marry his bride! That’s exactly what happened to Jacob in Genesis 29.

Jacob was captivated the moment he saw Rachel and knew she would be his bride. He soon struck a deal with her father, Laban, to marry her. He would work for seven years and then take her as his bride. Jacob worked hard for those years. However, on the evening of their wedding, Rachel’s dad tricked him and gave his oldest daughter Leah instead. So Jacob had to work for seven more years! It had to have been very difficult to wait and work, not knowing if Laban would deliver on his promise or trick him again. Jacob continued to wait on God and trust that He would provide. That’s exactly what God did. From Jacob came 12 sons (the twelve tribes of Israel). Eventually, Jesus would come from one of those tribes.

Patience is a difficult attribute. It requires trusting someone or something. For the Christian, it means placing your faith and trust in God. When you trust in Him, you are saying that you are going to rely on him for your next breath, your next decision, and the future. Jacob trusted God for many years, not just for a short time. Waiting is not always easy, and often requires a brokenness and a hope that trusts God knows what he’s doing. Patience is turning to God in the waiting, praying and crying out to Him, and praising Him no matter what.