Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: The Fruit of the Spirit is Love

Love can be an emotion that seems to mean something different to many people. To some, it is an intense feeling they have for someone else. For others, it comes with conditions (I love them because they do this for me). For the Christian, it means so much more.

Love is a word that originates from God. He created love. He gives love. He is love. The Christian understands that we only know how to love because God first loved us and taught us how to love. When the believer thinks of love, they think of 1 Corinthians 13 and all of the qualities love has. Love is patient, love is kind, etc. Love never fails. Love binds everything together in perfect unity. The ultimate picture of love was when God sent his one and only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Sacrificial love is the greatest type of love.

So how can we love like God loves us? Love is unconditional. There are no limits or parameters to the love of God. Love is unfailing. It doesn’t quit when times get hard. It tries again. It is never-ending. Human love is temporary; God’s love is eternal. It is no accident that love is mentioned first in the fruit of the spirit. When you have Christ living inside of you and you are led by the Holy Spirit, the first fruit you will produce is love: love for your neighbor, love for yourself, and most of all, love for the Lord. So spend some time in prayer today about how you can love others and love God more intensely and intentionally. God is the source, so the only way to love better is to stay connected to the source!