Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: The Fruit of the Spirit is Gentleness

A gentle word or action can completely alter someone’s day. After a long day, it can be difficult to show someone gentleness, especially family members. Many times we lash out at each other when we’ve had a hard day or when we’ve dealt with people all day long at work. Sometimes it is difficult to show gentleness with those we live with and work with as well. Gentleness is a fruit of the spirit for a reason. Christ showed His gentleness time and time again when dealing with sinners, the brokenhearted, and even His disciples. When people make the same mistake again and again, Christ continues to be gentle. It is part of His character.

Christ was gentle with the little children when they came to Him, placing them on His lap and teaching them. He was gentle with Zacchaeus, coaxing Him to come down out of the tree so He could fellowship with him at his house. Jesus was gentle with his friends Mary and Martha when visiting them at their house after Lazarus died. They didn’t understand why Jesus would let him die, yet Jesus was gentle with them wanting them to believe in Him and trust that He knew what He was doing. He was gentle with His disciples, loving them, teaching them, and showing them patience when they didn’t understand. God’s desire is for us to show gentleness to those we love, the unsaved, and even the people who we get impatient with.

How can you show gentleness with others today? Who do you need to show gentleness to? Think about the people who are in your life: family members, church members, coworkers, friends, and do a little evaluation of who you could show more gentleness to. Make a decision today of how and when you are going to be gentle with that person and commit to changing in your life.