Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Tell the World the Truth

The world has always been seeking to find the truth about how everything came to be. Scientists seek out proof of the beginning of time and justify it with theories and opinions. People refuse to believe a higher being created the Universe and everything, yet somehow an explosion that created order in space is easier to believe. Christians sometimes stay silent and allow nonbelievers to spread lies to a dying world. Many questions remain about the creation of the earth and the Savior Jesus who came, died a martyr’s death, and resurrected from the grave, and yet the world refuses to believe the One who cries out for their souls. So what is our part in all of this?

We must refuse to stay silent any longer. Those who are against Christ are not staying silent, so why are we? Are we allowing fear to consume our minds and hearts so much that it is crowding out the truth in our lives? Are we afraid we won’t have answers for their many questions? The answers to all of the tough questions lie in the Word of God. He did not send us into the world without a guide or answer key! We have even more than believers did 2,000 years ago. We have the Bible that is not only a love letter from God to man, but also a firsthand account of how His followers walked the same road we walk now, how they stood for their faith, and how they continued to grow in Christ.

The world is slowly dying and seeking an antidote for what will rescue them. They look to scientists, musicians, actors, politicians, and even religious leaders for answers. If we don’t answer them, someone will. We as Christians have the antidote, the truth about God’s saving grace, and need to bring that truth to the world.