Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Sanctification

Sanctification is the cleansing process that God uses to grow us in the face. It is the transformation that continuously takes place from the moment of salvation until we go to heaven. Sanctification is an act of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. We must trust God in the sanctification process and know that everything we experience is to grow us spiritually and bring us closer to Him.

Look at the life of Peter. Jesus sought Peter out and made him a disciple. He wanted to train Peter up so that he could face anything after He was gone. Peter walked with Jesus for many years before His death on the cross. Even though Peter knew the words of Jesus and loved Him with a fierce love, he still failed Jesus before He died and denied Him three times to the people around him. Yet, Peter learned from his denial and became a great missionary for the cause of Christ after Christ’s ascension into heaven. In our Christian lives, we will fail sometimes; however, God can pick us back up and start again if we trust Him. It is all part of the sanctification process.

God can restore us and reconcile us back to Him. Not only that, but we can learn from our mistakes and become stronger Christians for it. Sanctification is not always a pretty process, but it is a necessary process to grow us in our faith.